SPES is a SME born with the aim to offer interdisciplinary consultancy services in the field of the energy-environmental sustainability.

The offered services include strategic planning, studies execution, researches, project solutions evaluation and assistance both in the phases of implementation and management.


The technology innovation, the international cooperation, the certification processes and the new management forms offer interesting opportunities to the Public administrations and to the private sector.


The Company intends to apply and spread, at national level, the methodologies and the innovative instruments of the strategic planning, of the energy efficiency and of the environmental sustainability that are already common in the European Union.


Thanks to the diversified experience of its staff, SPES Consulting is able to offer a wide range of services with flexibility and competence.


The main areas of interest are related to energy services and project management and include:

  • The Certification of: production processes, supply processes, management systems, related both to goods and to services; energy certification of buildings, municipalities, institutions, industries and organizations
  • The provision of services to companies, public bodies and individuals in the areas of planning consultancy, organization, improvement of efficiency and control, management and administrative consultancy, technical and financial trade and international investment management.
  •  Energy and Environmental Analysis, training.
  •  Territorial and socio-economic analysis, communication and production of materials, concerning the above activities; software manufacture, development and commercialization; support activities in the fields of tax breaks and public/private financings.
  • Administrative management of the performed services by third parties on non-owned real estate (property management, facilities management, building management)
  • other technical consulting activities
  • Industrial property rights management (licenses, patents, trademarks, franchises, etc.).


The current activities that SPES is implementing on behalf of different clients include:

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies
  • Energy audits
  • Identification of project solutions aimed at energy saving
  • Preparation of technical specifications and contracts for the supplying and the energy management optimization
  • Financial assessments and business plan of the interventions
  • Support  for  projects implementation management
  • Writing of environmental impact studies, providing assistance to obtain the quality certification and in the environmental management systems
  • Energy certification of buildings, installations and systems
  • Training courses for consultants, PA technician and small businesses.



A sector of excellence in which SPES operates is the training activity at different levels (energy management, project management) and the support activity for businesses and for local authorities to take part in European projects.