SPES supported the technical partner TBridge and the municipality of Genoa (leading partner) in the drafting of the project idea and followed the negotiation phases. SPES also worked alongside the city of Florence, that was the responsible partner for the concretization of the pilot actions in the three European metropolises that tested the method. The Electra project, funded by the European Union, encourages the use of electric vehicles, especially motorcycles, to reduce pollution and improve the quality of life.

The ambitious goal is to substitute, by 2020, 10% of traditional scooters with electric light vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions by over 90 tonnes a year.

The project involves about 5.2 million inhabitants of the city of Genoa, Florence and Barcelona: European cities with a mild climate, where motorcycles and scooters are very popular.

To obtain these results, the project aims to:

  • raise awareness amongst public authorities and private companies so that they replace vehicles fleets and charging infrastructures are made available on the territory
  • involve all possible  concerned stakeholders (manufacturers, sellers and vehicles renters, users, business managers mobility ...)
  • find innovative mobility models , lik electric vehicles sharing or rental, for citizens and tourists.


The European dimension of the project allows a transnational approach, the concrete exchange of experiences, a variety of viewpoints and a wide range of skills