Research funding and participation in public tenders

SPES works mainly in projects funded by the European Commission and by other funding agencies. We have extensive experience in the search for financing on the basis of our client’s specific needs. We have developed projects funded by recent European programs such as Horizon 2020 with particular regard to energy and environmental innovation. At European level we used the seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development for issues concerning energy planning (Smart City Plan City). Interregional cooperation programs (INTERREG) have been used to carry out important Technical Assistance for Municipalities projects (Italian-Switzerland) and to develop innovative projects in the Industrial and crafts Areas (SMART PARKS MED). We pay special attention to programs funded by the European Commission and we try to offer our customers opportunities by selecting the most appropriate initiatives in line with the priorities defined by funding calls.

Our experience in European projects allows us to create partners networks in all European countries and even in those not yet EU members.