SPES Consulting is the Italian partner of the European Project “Coppa per il Clima delle imprese Europee” (EUROPEAN ENTERPRISES’ CLIMATE CUP - EECC) that aims to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to be front-runners in energy efficiency management.

The project consists of a competition between 200 European SMEs for the energy saving in office spaces: energy consumptions are monitored by using the energy management system developed for the project, the “interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA)”.  Participating office buildings will be asked to enter their energy consumption and cost data from meter readings and energy bills into the web-based software.

During the competition, the participating companies are encouraged to implement energy saving measures in their offices, and motivating their employees to undertake energy efficient behavior.

Competing companies are supported by the project partners with personalized energy advices, thematic workshops and “Energy Weeks” to involve employees.

EECC also provides innovative instruments, like apps for smartphones and tablets, and detailed energy audits of office buildings.

At the end of the competition, scheduled for the 31th May 2016, in each of the 10 European countries that have joined this initiative, the winning SME will be selected and awarded at national level, while at the European level the 3 companies that will have achieved the best results will be awarded with the European Enterprises Climate Cup.

Monday, 11 July, 2016

Si è svolta a Bruxelles la cerimonia di premiazione delle PMI europee che hanno partecipato al progetto EECC (European Enterprises Climate Cup) ...