Cities are an interesting "laboratory" in which new technologies and tools to improve the quality of life for citizens can be experimented. Public Bodies have a crucial role in the application of modern technologies (ICT tools) in the energy and mobility field.

SPES has always worked with Public Administrations and supports them in the innovation process. With the R&D programs of the European Commission we have acquired skills in city strategic planning by applying methodologies that encourage participation in the decision process; we handle the Smart City Plan drafting and resort to participatory planning processes and innovative methodologies (Systems Thinking).


We support cities in the drafting of planning instruments (Sustainable Energy Action Plans, mobility plans, etc.), in order to analyze, evaluate and define the best available solutions on the market.

 We start from a deep knowledge of the city to identify projects and interventions that can improve the "quality of life" of the citizens. SPES helps cities to have innovative tools and methodologies that allow to "dialogue" with Europe and with other cities in a "constructive confrontation".


Planning in an intelligent and innovative way in order to implement complex interventions and projects that allow a positive impact on the territory, in energy and environmental terms. We help cities to seize the opportunities offered by the European Commission with dedicated programs such as Horizon2020 and to be ready to implement interventions with the involvement of private operators (Energy Service Company - ESCO) with contractual arrangements focused on results and performance (Energy Performance Contract - EPC).